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About MOVE Therapies

Neuroplasticity Movement Centre Helping People Of All Ages Move Pain Free 

At MOVE Therapies Our Mission Is to help people of all ages move without pain, and live better lives…

Living in pain is awful, at the minimum.  Life shattering at the worst.

Chronic pain clearly affects the body, but it also affects emotions, relationships, and the mind. It can cause anxiety and depression which, in turn, can make pain worse.

More and more pain sufferers are saying NO to ‘short cuts’ like opioids and repetitive surgeries (if there is a surgery that can help your pain) and saying YES to Neuroplastic therapies such as the one practiced at MOVE Therapies.

We Promise….

~ to listen and put YOU and YOUR experience first.

~ to be curious and think outside of the box when working with you.

~ to always use slow & gentle techniques that will not cause further pain.

~ to work with your unique situation to help you create a pain free future.

Meet Your Practitioners

Leanne J. Scott

Leanne is a Certified Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement® Practitioner, a professional dancer/choreographer & Mother to Callum Tate, a little boy with Special Needs, who is the absolute joy of her life.

After realizing that her son was going to need extra support, and through a friend of a friend our family was introduced to The Anat Baniel Method (ABM), and not long afterwards, they decided that Leanne would begin the Intensive Practitioner Training Program and become an ABM Practitioner – specializing in both children and adults!

Throughout the training Leanne soon came to realize that this wasn’t just the method that she would use on her son, but something that would also help her tremendously. Watch her Bio Video to the left to hear more!

Leanne has completed the following ABM NeuroMovement trainings:
ABM Certified NeuroMovement Practitioner (510 hours) – 2015
ABM NeuroMovement for Children Practitioner (176 hours) – 2016
​ABM NeuroMovement for Vitality and AntiAging Practitioner (91 hours) – 2017
ABM NeuroMovement for High Performers (38 hours) – 2017

Dale Fuhr

Dale is a Certified Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement® Practitioner, an IT Specialist & father to Callum Tate, a little boy with Special Needs.

“After seeing first-hand the tremendous transformation in my family (both in my wife and our special needs son) due to ABM, we decided as a family that I should also attend the ABM NeuroMovement training. This decision was based in part to help continue with the care of our son, but also to improve my own health. Due to the daily stresses sustained in existing job of a computer programmer, I suffered from sore shoulders, bad back, sciatic, all of which have disappeared since beginning this training. As well my goal is to become the most effective ABM practitioner I can be. ABM has grabbed my focus and I am thrilled to be practicing at MOVE Therapies as an ABM practitioner!!”

Dale has completed the following ABM NeuroMovement trainings:
ABM Certified NeuroMovement Practitioner (510 hours) – 2019
ABM NeuroMovement for Children Practitioner (176 hours) – 2020
ABM Segment 5 of Childrens Mastery (44 hours) – 2020


Through each session, I learned new ways, through movement, that greatly assist me in everyday life. Recently I even managed to get back out on the lake on my paddle board! If you’re having any mobility issues I encourage you to see Leanne and Dale, it’ll be the greatest gift you can give yourself. Freedom through Movement ❤️”

Nancy Leland


“…I feel like I have been given a new life. MOVE Therapies has opened my eyes to a new ‘normal.’ Before I could only see grey, but now I know the world can be blue again! There’s a reason that I am always smiling on my bike, it’s because I have ME back! Thank you Leanne & Dale!”

Marnie Gaudet


To my surprise, this therapy changed my life in so many ways. After my first session, I left feeling so hopeful and positive! After my 2nd session, I walked out of their clinic without a limp for the first time in 4 months AND NO pain or swelling! (Walking is a way of life for me – so this was so thrilling!)

Laurie Woud


We Help People Who:

  • Have difficulty getting off the floor, out of a chair, or doing day-to-day activities like driving or walking.
  • Have Chronic Pain and/or Illnesses that have not gone away after they have tried everything?
  • Have Depression or Anxiety that you don’t have tools to deal with?
  • Have a Special Needs Child that you feel could be doing better?
  • Have given up doing activities that they would still really like to continue doing?
  • Are “feeling” their “age” and even though you are doing “everything” you should but it still feels like things are not getting better?