MOVE Therapies Group Classes

ONLINE for your safety – via Zoom!

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These classes are designed to help you:
  • Improve your balance, coordination and flexibility in your EVERYDAY movements.
  • Reduce pain and tension levels.
  • Improve and speed your rehabilitation process
  • Move with greater freedom and ease

These gentle and safe classes can not only diminish your existing pain and limitation, but you will also learn how to prevent future pain and limitations.

Over time, by continuing these lessons, you will be able to participate more successfully in fitness, exercise, dance, or sport programs of your choice – pain-free.

What To Expect In MOVE Therapies’ Group Classes:

A MOVE Therapies Practitioner will be guiding you via verbal instruction through these classes.

These lessons are gentle, safe and easy to follow, yet the outcomes can be dramatic.

They are taught in such a way that people of all ages and abilities can participate and learn at their own pace.

Each class centers around a specific function or movement skill – like twisting, bending, balancing, rolling, sitting to stand etc. and the lessons build on one another to bring about profound improvements in flexibility, coordination and also work to heighten self-perception and mental acuity.

Each lesson is 45 minutes in length and depending on the classes – runs once or twice a week.

At this time, due to Covid, classes are limited and must be booked only thru a MOVE Therapies Practitioner.

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