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Right Knee and Ankle Sports Injury – Recovery & Race Preparation

 I started having sessions at Move Therapies with Dale and Leanne one month before I was taking on an endurance challenge of climbing Blackcomb Whistler Mountain 8 times within 36 hours, which is the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest.

Throughout my year long training for this adventure I was experiencing pain in my right knee and left ankle, that would come and go depending on my daily training plan. Seven weeks before my event I participated in a 3 peak, 33km mountain run and my recovery from it was brutal.

Everything hurt, especially my right knee and now the top of my left foot. I went to see Leanne and she started working on my left foot, increasing my ankle and foot mobility.

I walked in and left there in pain and limping. Two hours later, I sent Leanne a text message asking what she had done to my foot, because the pain was gone, and I was walking normally!

Two weeks later, I then completed a 12-hour nonstop walking challenge, which caused an infection in my right foot. I now had three weeks left before I climbed “Everest”. Leanne and Dale worked on not only my legs but my whole body to help loosen my chest, pelvis and range of motion in my legs and feet. I learned how to be more conscious of what my body was doing and to use my whole-body during training instead of isolating different body parts.

On the day of the event I felt ready and strong. As I was climbing the mountain I kept hearing Dale and Leanne in my ear whispering “easy peasy, lemon squeezy” and “relax” over and over again. This helped me be more aware of how my body was moving and how to move as a unit. I finished my first of eight ascents in 1 hour and 36 minutes. I was the first person out of 261 participants to brand the halfway mark (four ascents) on the board. I felt strong! I ended up completing the event in 18 hours.

My recovery was smooth as the next day I felt like I could go for a long run, but I didn’t because I knew I would hear about it from Leanne. By incorporating these little movements and ways of thinking into my training routine, I have become faster, I am recovering quicker and I am stronger during endurance events then I ever have been. My body is working together, instead of having my muscles tire out because they are overcompensating for already tired and injured muscles.”

Becky Campbell, Osoyoos

Shoulder Fracture and Plantar Fasciitis

“At Move Therapies I am learning how to move without pain.

Five and a half months ago, I slipped on some ice and sustained a proximal humerus fracture. As soon as feasible, I went to physio. I was given exercises to do at home on a daily basis, and even though I did them, I felt that I was not progressing anymore. I also developed plantar fasciitis and every time I stood up and took a step, I experienced agonizing pain mostly on the bottom of my heel.

After just a few sessions at Move Therapies, I learned a new way to stand from a sitting position and I found that when I stood the way they taught me, the heel did not hurt as much. Sometimes, I would forget how to stand up from sitting and my heel hurt, so I sat back down and got up the right way and found that there was no pain.

Also, I was vacuuming one day and felt a sharp pain in my affected shoulder. I stopped for a second and tried again and still got the same pain, then I remembered how to move, not just the arm, but the whole spine along with the arm and voila! No pain.

I am now taking a group class at Move Therapies and I find that other aspects of my life are also changing. I am more confident, I am busier, I have more energy! These transformations have all happened within one month!

I am very grateful to Leanne and Dale for their ongoing support.”

Mary-Lou, Osoyoos

Leg Neuropathy/Numbness/Pain

Diane M, from Osoyoos, talks about her leg issues that she has had since her surgery.  Hearing about MOVE Therapies from a friend at yoga, she decided to give us a try. 

Diane suffered from Spondolo Litheseis (a forward slip of one vertebra relative to another) – a crack in spine, with 6 screws put in her back (see pics of before and after surgery below. After this surgery she was pain free but suffered from Neuropathy (damage or dysfunction of one or more nerves that typically results in numbness, tingling, muscle weakness and pain) in her leg.


Walking was the main therapy she was given, but that was becoming more and more difficult as her left foot and leg were not very stable. So stairs and abrupt changing of direction, were not very responsive and becoming more problematic.

Diane did an initial grouping of sessions with us and started attending the MOVE Therapies Group Class, but then circumstances got in the way and she stopped attending for 6 months. It was at that time that she noticed that her walking was becoming more difficult again and she decided to come back for more sessions/and to rejoin the Group Class.

Since coming back to attending our Group Classes regularly, she is improving once again!  Towards the end of the video, Diane talks a lot about the tools that she learned from MOVE (and uses in her daily life) to keep doing things she wants to do. You won’t be disappointed!

Before Surgery

After Surgery

Leg Pain and Numbness

“I am really pleased to report that my sessions at Moves Therapies have been really helpful. The reason I initially contacted Leanne and Dale was due to constant numbness and tingling above the knee and into the thigh area of my right leg. This has been progressively getting worse for approx 3 years.

When I was sitting I was constantly rubbing my leg and it would even wake me up in the night. I was getting very concerned that it was starting to travel and move farther up my leg.  I had been to the doctor and had X-rays taken. Nothing showed up.

I felt better after the first session….lighter. The changes are/were very subtle. It wasn’t until after the third session that I noticed that my leg wasn’t bothering me as much. It took me by surprise because I really wasn’t expecting results this quickly.

I had my six sessions and my leg was at least 70% better than it has been for years. After taking a couple of weeks off I was into see Dale again and was happy to tell him that my leg had not been bothering me at all.

I actually feel better all over. I seem to have more energy and just feel good! I do not seem to have as many aches and pains in all areas of my body.

I am learning to pay more attention to my body and not overdo it. Although I still intend to remain very active. Both Leanne and Dale are very welcoming and informative and I feel relaxed in their company.

It is a total new thought pattern for me to get my head around NeuroMovement. I am working on it and am happy to find out that all the grey matter in my brain is still so capable of creating and building new pathways. I am finding out I don’t have to settle for age related pain. And this I find very exciting!”

Pat Gattinger,  Osoyoos

Lower Back and Hip Pain

“I engaged in this therapy because I had lower back pain and weakness and pain in my left hip.

I was greeted in a relaxed, happy and welcoming way. In the one on one sessions, I relaxed, went limp and let Leanne (or Dale) move my body with slow, gentle movements (sometimes just inches).

I had an awareness of the changes happening, sometimes hours later. I am able to walk and stand feeling both feet equally on the ground.

I have no pain in my lower back and only minor pain in my left hip if I have been on my feet too long in the day.

I still continue to work with Leanne in group and sometimes a refresh with one on one. Believe that everything is possible!”

Donna Merchant, Osoyoos

Fibromyalgia and Arthritis for 20 + Years

“Before coming to MOVE Therapies I was living in constant pain (for 20+ years) with Fibromyalgia and Arthritis.  Some days were a little less than other days, but there was always some level of bad pain, and because of this I had suffered a great loss of mobility.

Typically it would take me 3-4 minutes to get out of a chair or the vehicle (after even driving only a couple of blocks.) Sleeping was brutal, I would wake up 4 or 5 times a night in pain, even after taking pain meds and applying a lot of muscle creams before bed. I wasn’t able to walk any more than a few metres before the pain was so bad I couldn’t continue without resting.

I had also lost my ability to garden, which was my past passion. And since my grandkids are my life, it was so terribly difficult to even go for a walk with them, let alone play with them at the park or at the beach – this all was so disheartening.

Over the years I had tried everything – acupressure, chiropractor, naturopath, massage therapy, herbal supplements, and yoga – none worked. The only thing that slightly helped for me was a Pain management program.

At the age of 59, my life was at a stand still and this was unacceptable to me.

After my first appointment at MOVE Therapies, I noticed a huge improvement! I was actually able to drive back home to Penticton and get out of the vehicle with absolutely zero pain. Things got better after every appointment.

After only 6 sessions, I am now able to spend hours in my garden digging, weeding, hoeing and planting. I can actually RUN (not just walk) after the grandkids at the park. I very rarely take anything for pain because there is no pain. I sleep most nights without waking up, which of course is beneficial on so many levels, as sleep is so important!

Recently we drove to the west coast with only 1 stop and that was a bathroom break (normally I would have to stop 3 or 4 times from muscle pain.) Once there, I slept 2 nights on a sofa bed, 2 days of driving and walking around and then the drive home. All with no or very minimal pain.

My family can not believe how much MOVE Therapies has helped me! Even the “little” things I am able to do now, like getting up from a sitting position without holding on to something, bending down to tie my shoe, walking up the stairs without pulling myself up with the bannister, not taking 5 minutes to get out of bed and so many other things makes life so much more enjoyable! I am thrilled with my results and am so grateful to Leanne & Dale at MOVE Therapies and would recommend it to anyone suffering from Fibromyalgia and Arthritis.”

Darlene Jenkins, 59, Penticton

Liz S from Osoyoos talks about her Scoliosis that she has had since age 11. and what it was like to live in a 6.5 out of 10 pain.

She had currently tried regular exercising, dry needling, and custom braces (worn for 10-12 hours every day) which all gave some relief but she was looking for something more that would give long-term and where she didn’t need a brace. 

Finding us online from a scoliosis testimonial on our site she decided to give us a try.

After 8 sessions the custom brace that she has been wearing almost daily for the last 5 years has been sitting on the shelf gathering dust.

The biggest improvements Liz has noticed are:

  • Less Pain, which is continuing to reduce
  • Better and deeper sleeps
  • Easier and enjoyable sitting
  • Better and easier walking
  • “Hunch” on her back disappeared
  • Pickleball became easier, especially when reaching down
  • Wearing Summer clothes without the brace!

We are so happy she found us and are able to help her to live a better life!  WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN!

“I came to move therapies with a diagnosis of Functional Neurological Disorder affecting gait.

One of the most interesting things about this diagnosis is I had a perfectly clear MRI, but with Functioning neurological disorder, it helps to think of it as a “network error” in the brain’s software rather than its hardware, which is why my MRI imaging came back normal.

The other thing is even though my mobility decreased quite drastically, (I went from walking completely normal and having a regular lifestyle, to needing walking sticks) I had no pain whatsoever. I was thankful for this but at the same time it seemed odd.

It was wonderful in some ways to have the diagnosis, unfortunately (and fortunately!) because I had no pain, pain meds were not prescribed so I walked away with the diagnosis but nothing that could really help me.

Physical therapy was suggested by my neurologist, unfortunately the physical therapist in my town had never worked with anyone with such a disorder so even though she did her best and I am thankful, she suggested that I dig deeper into other therapies.

Through a friend doing research on the Internet, I came across MOVE Therapies is Osoyoos, and because it was only an hour or so away and my mom lived in a Osoyoos, i contacted them in hopes that they could help.

My biggest initial concern was that I was falling often when walking and strangely enough I was falling backwards. So not only was that unusual but very dangerous.

I did a 10 lesson intensive over a three week period at MOVE Therapies and with each lesson felt more progress and my movement became easier. My walking became more steady, fluid and more like I had my own legs back! And I am no longer falling!

Another difficulty I had, was getting out of a chair on my own. And by the end of the 10 lesson intensive I can easily rise up out of a chair, it doesn’t hurt and I have a great sense of control back!

Lastly I would like to say that I now have a sense of hope that I didn’t have before. I feel that the progress that I’ve made with MOVE Therapies makes me want to continue – because I now know I’m going to beat this thing and get my life back!

My mother is thrilled with my progress as she sees improvement every session!

Leanne, Dale and I have made a recovery plan for moving forward and I’m very excited!”

Janice Bottcher

Back Pain – Lifting my motorbike and heard a CRACK

I went to Move Therapies with an acute back and hip injury, caused by over lifting.

My Ducati 850 (motorcycle) was parked against a slope and fell over. My usual way of lifting up a bike wasn’t working because of the slope.

I had to lift my motorbike somehow to get it back up so I just ‘did it’ and the move I made was not good and I could hear a big crack in my back!

I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t sit, I was in constant pain and agony. 3 horrible days and nights until my first appointment with Dale.

The therapy is very gentle and subtle. Even after the first treatment I noticed relief and was able to move and sleep better that night. I continued with daily sessions for 2 weeks and now the pain is in a much smaller area where the pressure is concentrated.

Today I am moving better and even did a tiny bit of yard work. I have also been going for walks in the evening and feel fine.

Leanne and Dale are both highly skilled professionals. I also really enjoyed the friendly family like atmosphere of their clinic.

I will continue with the therapy with occasional sessions and some exercises at home.

I highly recommend Move Therapies for chronic or acute pain or difficulties with movement.

Erhard R., Osoyoos, June 2021

My Feet Hurt & I Had Balance Issues Because Of Polio As A Child

“Friends and family had noticed that over the past couple of years that my walking seemed to be getting more difficult. I had had Polio as a child and now in my 60’s the Polio and regular life issues were taking a toll. All through my life I never let the effects of Polio inhibit what I did but, I realized that maybe I could be doing things differently and needed to do something about it.

Seeing the Facebook posts about Move Therapies I decided to give them a try so I signed up for 10 sessions.

In the first couple of sessions, I noticed right away that my movement was getting easier and that my legs, in particular, seemed to be getting freer/lighter somehow.

As the sessions continued I noticed that my WALKING IMPROVED considerably – my legs were moving easier, any pain I had, was starting to disappear AND my HEELS were STARTING TO DROP to the FLOOR!

I Threw Away My Orthopedic Inserts!

I even made the decision to throw away my 2-inch boot inserts…as I felt it was now HURTING me to wear them! I had had these most recent inserts for 6 years and have had inserts of some level most of my life!

By the end of the 10 sessions, my one heel (with the smaller insert) is in FULL CONTACT with the ground and the heel (with the larger insert) is MUCH closer to the ground – from a long hiatus of NEVER having my heels touching the ground while walking!

My wife was so excited she sent a video to my sons who were thrilled for me and sent loving words of encouragement to “keep it up, Dad.” 👍👍👍

Although I still have difficulties with stairs, I now need the handrails less. I still use them for safety, as MOVE Therapies suggested, but do not rely on them to HOIST myself up to the next step.

There have also been improvements in sleep patterns as well. I find that I wake up less often to change positions. Formerly, my shoulders would wake me up to tell me to roll over to the other side and this happens less often now.

And I notice that getting up from a chair is SO much Easier!

Leanne and Dale at Move Therapies have been a constant in the sense that I know that when I go there I will learn more tools on how to keep these changes happening.

Thanks so much to Callum – Leanne and Dale’s son – who indirectly through his challenges in life – and the training they took to help him – helped to improve my life!”

Grant Munro – Osoyoos


After spending decades trying numerous therapies, including a time at The ScoliClinic in Vancouver, BC, Helen explains how the method used at Move Therapies differs to any other therapies she has done in the past and how it has helped dramatically diminish her pain, improved her mobility, and given her tools she can do at home!

Scoliosis can be traumatizing and difficult to deal with at any age and any help that we can give to a person dealing with scoliosis, no matter at what degree, thrills us to no end!

Helen Overholt – Osoyoos

Stroke – Stability & Independence Returning! 

Update 3 – November 2020 – Myrna’s Latest Testimonial 

Update 2- October 2020 (after 6 more sessions)
“Since my Mom has started her ABM Therapy at Move Therapies, we feel she is Doing BETTER then BEFORE her stroke !! She was always complaining of dizziness and her balance was not good.

She was unable to walk any distance without feeling like she was going to fall! Since her sessions at Move Therapies her balance has been remarkable and is only improving. All of us within the family, including Mom herself, look forward to more transformations as she starts going to their Group Sessions! “

Update 1 – September 2020 (after 10 sessions)
“In July 2020, my mom suffered a stroke at the age of 74. She was right side affected; mouth, swallowing, hand, foot. Immediately following the stroke, she was admitted to hospital, where she spent 5 weeks doing traditional rehab and was then released home.

I had talked to a friend awhile back who had life-changing results from Leanne Scott and Dale Fuhr at MOVE Therapies. So without hesitation, I booked a 10 Session Intensive for my mom. Looking back at the whole timeline now – here is what my Mom and I feel transpired:

My mom came out of the hospital after 5 weeks of traditional rehab, walking with a walker and still needing help with daily living activities. After 10 sessions at Move Therapies she is now walking WITHOUT a walker and is more capable with everyday tasks.

She has regained so much more independence and confidence in her daily life. Simple things like the everyday movements of pouring a cup of coffee and walking with it in hand and not spilling are now completely within her grasp.
I have watched every session with amazement in how much easier it is for her to move, but most of all I noticed her balance has vastly improved!
(Myrna herself today said – “It’s so wonderful not having to worry if I am going to fall all the time!”)

Lastly, but possibly most important, is the fact that my Mom LOVED the lessons! She could hardly wait to go! She often said “MOVE Therapies is so easy and so much fun!” My mom looks forward to every appointment “to see their smiling faces.”

We have booked 6 more private sessions and then she is going to shift into Group Sessions where my Mom can continue to even further her improvement! All I can say is “Thank-You.” My family and I are so grateful for Leanne and Dale at Move Therapies for this incredible therapy they have brought to our small town.”

Rhonda Gerrard – Osoyoos, BC (daughter)


“The past year for me has been an uphill battle after a Fibromyalgia diagnosis. Between the intense joint pain and fatigue, my life was quickly turned upside down and my mobility took the biggest hit, even walking became a difficult task. Until I found Leanne Scott and Dale Fuhr at Move Therapies. Their love and dedication for this therapy show in everything that they do. I was unsure at first if this type of therapy would help me but I’m extremely grateful to have found them.

Through each session, I learned new ways, through movement, that greatly assist me in everyday life. Recently I even managed to get back out on the lake on my paddle board! If you’re having any mobility issues I encourage you to see Leanne and Dale, it’ll be the greatest gift you can give yourself. Freedom through Movement ❤️”

Nancy Leland – Osoyoos

Polymyalgia Rheumatica (auto-Immune disease) – Arms, legs and back

In 2015, I was diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumatica. This auto-immune disease affects the major muscle groups in my upper arms, thighs, and buttocks, to the point that I had difficulty raising my arms above shoulder height, walking upstairs and general daily movements. I was prescribed Prednisone 15 mg per day with the understanding that I could eventually cease taking the medication but with no indication as to when or why the medication would ‘make me better.’

It was then I was referred, by a friend, to MOVE Therapies. I was apprehensive that a movement therapy could be helpful for something as debilitating and painful as what I was experiencing, but through encouragement from my spouse I gave it a go.

The sessions were gentle but intense and I felt significant positive changes in pain and mobility almost immediately. Swelling and pressure decreased quickly and as a result, I was able to reduce my medication to 1 mg every other day with the goal to completely stopping the medication! (With all the side effects of Prednisone being what they are – I am thrilled with this result!)

After I finished with my Individual sessions – I jumped at the chance to join the Group Class as I understood that these classes bring the new techniques I had learned into use as Daily Functional movement – which is super!

Looking back now I can say that MOVE Therapies improved my quality of life to the extent that I have much less pain, radical change in medications, and I am more able to participate more fully in day-to-day activities.

Lynne Fowler – Retired – Osoyoos

Concussion and Neck and Back Pain – Car Accident

After roughly 1 1/2 yrs going through treatments I came across Dale and Leanne…decided it was worth a try. I am dealing with many issues from the accident from neck and back issues, as well as memory loss, concentration difficulties, and great fatigue to name a few. I have had roughly 6 sessions so far and definitely feel improvement physically and mentally after each session. I will definitely continue with treatment and am excited to learn more about this technique.

Testimonial Update (December 2020)
So after approximately 6 sessions with Dale and Leanne we moved. I thought we would have to wait for another session until were back in the interior again. After chatting with Leanne I was told I could try there new zoom sessions. I wasn’t sure how effective it could be without hands on. Bottom line I was very surprised how effective it truly was. I feel it was just as effective as hands on. I am very intrigued and plan to continue with this treatment and look forward to continued progress and understanding of Neuromovement(R).

Elaine Quintal – Grand Prairie (formerly Osoyoos)

Severe Car Accident/Brain Injury at 17 – Now early 50’s

If you’ve lived in Osoyoos for any length of time you probably either know or know of Marnie. If you don’t know her personally, you’ve probably seen her riding around town on her bike grinning from ear to ear!

Marnie was in an automobile accident in her teenage years that left her with a severe brain injury. It was incredibly traumatic and has affected her functional movement and daily life since then.

Marnie has made tremendous improvements since starting with MOVE Therapies eg: gained ability to walk WITHOUT pain and no longer needing her large leg braces she has had since the accident. She has also started riding a bike again! Something that she says has brought “freedom back to her life” as she has to rely less on others for transportation.

Here is a small piece of what Marnie has to say about her transformation and about MOVE Therapies.

“…I feel like I have been given a new life. MOVE Therapies has opened my eyes to a new ‘normal.’ Before I could only see grey, but now I know the world can be blue again! There’s a reason that I am always smiling on my bike, it’s because I have ME back! Thank you Leanne & Dale!”

Marnie Gaudet, Osoyoos, BC

Mobility Issues and Pain – Improved Walking

This is from a client who’s 6 lesson Intensive with us was cut short (he only had 3 lessons) because the clinic had to close due to COVID 19. In those 3 lessons, he had great improvement regarding his chronic pain relief, but in even better news – it has stayed away during the 2 months while he was isolated! In fact, he feels he has kept improving while at home!

“We get out and walk a lot. In fact, I am walking more and longer than I was before the treatments. I have less pain and my leg is moving much freer most of the time. I really expected that with the break in the planned treatments that I would lose all benefits I was having from the lst three lessons. But that has not been the case. In fact, sometimes I think there is a continued improvement as time passes! With the results I have had, I know I want to finish off the rest of the lessons I missed – as I feel it is still possible to improve. I am really looking forward to continuing with the program because of the results so far, I am expecting quite a bit more benefit! (scary lol)”

Lawrence Jaques – Osoyoos – Age 79

Sciatic, Back, Shoulder Pain
Computer Job

In my early 30’s I was doing many things to try and improve myself from my current condition of having lower back pain, shoulder soreness and stiffness with a lot of clunking in my shoulders, and re-occuring sciatic pain in my right leg that never seemed to stay away. I did not have any “severe” injuries up to this point other than “regular” life injuries – being bucked off a horse multiple times when I was younger, multiple falls from +10 foot places as a kid, jumping off of buildings etc, and two minor car accidents at less than 50km/hr.

By 32 I was regularly working out (5x a week), swimming twice a week, seeing a Chiro/Massage twice a week, and doing yoga 3-4 times a week (on my own and in group class) and stretching a fair amount. I had also tried a variety of other things: cranial sacral, cupping (acupuncture), reiki, all with minor to little success in mitigating my shoulder stiffness and soreness, and specifically my sciatic pain in my right leg. It was a lot of effort for not much pain reduction.

By 40 I had started doing the Anat Baniel Method sessions and group classes as my wife was in the training at that time. I realized that doing things harder and with more effort (aka working out my shoulders to make them stronger, even when they were sore) may have led to more shoulder soreness. Doing things with more skill and more efficiency and less effort, and really feeling how and what I was doing, I started noticing that my shoulder, back, and sciatic pain, started disappearing.

Now in my mid 40’s my shoulder pain has gone away, my sciatic pain has been gone for 3 yrs now, and only have minor aches and pains, which continue to get less and less. I carry my special needs son Callum on a daily basis (he is 10 now and +55lbs) transferring him from location to location, picking him up off the floor or out of the van. And I feel now I am doing this easier and safer and without any pain, and am continuing to improve other things I am doing, like pickleball, swimming, and getting down to the floor to play with my son.

On top of that I feel stronger in many ways than I did in my early 30’s and without spending all the time of the exercising I was doing at that time. (Probably +10 hours a week of INTENSE exercise). NOW, in my regular week I exercise only 35 mins a week, do our ABM sessions about 1.5 hours a week (30 min about 3x a week),and a 20 min walk to the clinic twice a day during the week. So about 5 hours a week of moderate exercise in my mid 40’s, vs 10+ hours intense exercise in my 30’s has lead me to less pain, more mobility, and more strength!

I encourage anyone who is looking for similar improvements to book an appointment with us.

Dale Fuhr – Osoyoos

Concussions, Chronic Pain and Neurological Issues
“Parkinson Like” Symptoms

“I first met Leanne Scott of MOVE Therapies at the Osoyoos Library talk she gave on Brain Plasticity and how it works for Chronic Pain and Neurological issues. My outlook that day, regarding my health and my daily existence, was bleak. She inspired me enough, though, to book a 10 lesson Intensive with her.

I was suffering terribly from intense pain in numerous parts of my body (hip, neck, and back to name a few), and because I had sustained many concussions in the past, I was dealing with ‘Parkinson like symptoms’; including tremors, memory loss, and confusion.

Once the lessons began, the first change was my hip pain disappeared…followed quickly by my neck and parts of my back! I could hardly believe it. (Also, because the pain was changing – I was now able to sleep on my side again….which was SO beautiful because it is the way I feel most comfortable sleeping.)

But then something happened that I didn’t know was possible. My everyday movements became more comfortable and more accessible. I could stand up/rollover/twist around without any difficulty OR Pain! I felt such joy that rapidly moved into relief. Relief that I realized I COULD get better and that I might be able to become a participator once again in my life.
The next thing that change was my feet. My feet had been freezing for 35+ years…they turned warm!!
The tremors on my left side began to reduce Greatly…they are now virtually impossible to see if you didn’t know I had them! It feels Wonderful NOT to shake.

My confidence in myself has returned. I smile now – instead of living in fear of my future.

Lastly, I had a recent psychiatry session (this has been a quarterly occurrence at least, for over 20 years), and my soon to be retiring Physiatrist says that she is not sure she needs to find me a referral once she retires! She feels that I might be strong enough to continue ‘going it on my own.” That is amazing…as I know that these changes aren’t just felt within me – they are noticeable to others and that everyone is seeing my new strength and vitality.

Due to the severity of my condition and the length of time I suffered from it, I recognize this may be a lifelong process to stay at this “new me.” I realize the possible need for some more private sessions in the future, but for now I look forward to attending the MOVE Therapies Group Lessons to maintain my improvement.

Huge thanks to Leanne Scott and Dale Fuhr of MOVE Therapies, not only for their help with all of these issues, but for the kindness and care they showed me throughout the lessons.”

Don Peterson – Osoyoos

Severe Pelvic Injury – Reduced Pain Meds

After a terrible car accident, one of our clients (a early 20’s woman) was on very high dosages of multiple pharmaceuticals. As of last week’s sessions at MOVE Therapies, she is OFF all of her post surgery pharmaceutical drugs completely and now takes an ibuprofen ‘on occasion!’

When you were on serious pain drugs like for pain…  and now take ibuprofen on occasion – that is a huge leap…for the Better!

(And obviously much better for the body and the psyche!)

She now says “I have more control of my movement and feel certain connections with my body that i thought i had lost completely.

I don’t believe I’ve ever felt movement could feel this Good!”
MOVE Therapies couldn’t be prouder of her and believe the only way is UP!

Hailey Svenningsen – Oliver

Broken Ankle

“I broke my ankle in a terrible fall in October of 2019 had emergency surgery to rebuild my ankle – see pics of x-rays.

I did the therapy my doctor recommended in Edmonton; unfortunately, it did not help me. I was coming out of my sessions feeling very sore and swollen (for days afterward) and not able to walk any better.

I came back to Osoyoos for the winter and called Leanne and Dale at MOVE Therapies and asked if they could help me.

To my surprise, this therapy changed my life in so many ways.

After my first session, I left feeling so hopeful and positive! After my 2nd session, I walked out of their clinic without a limp for the first time in 4 months AND NO pain or swelling!
(Walking is a way of life for me – so this was so thrilling!)

Their instructions regarding “what to do outside the clinic – in between appts” (very little! lol) were not what I expected, but I followed their instructions 100%, and I quickly realized – that I was on the road to recovery!!

I am beyond happy with my time at MOVE Therapies! I have and will continue to recommend them to anyone. They are a godsend to me, and I am so happy to be enjoying a pain-free life again! Thank you so much guys – you are my saviours!!!”

Laurie Woud – Osoyoos/Edmonton


“After suffering from two strokes (2003/2007) which greatly affected my every day life, particularly on my right side; eye mouth, hand, I decided to try MOVE Therapies here in Osoyoos. I was excited, but wasn’t holding my breath for any big improvements.

After only 6 sessions with Leanne at MOVE THERAPIES- I just can’t tell you how thrilled I am with my progress!

Firstly, my walking. After my Strokes, I was pretty “attached” to my walker around the house. After only a handful of sessions I realized, as I was going about my daily activities – I didn’t know where I had l last left my walker! I also realized many hours have passed since I had last seen it! That was amazing!!!

During the sessions, I also had numerous people (including my husband) saying that I “looked or moved differently.” I had a confidence that they hadn’t seen in a very long time. One person actually said that my physical face had changed. (my Stroke had significantly affected the right side of my face (eye, cheek and mouth) so that was also really lovely to hear!

But I think one of the biggest changes has been with my hand. Since my stroke my right hand has always been freezing cold! I’ve ended up wearing a glove 24 hours a day. It also kept me awake or woke me from my sleep many times throughout the night – because it was always just freezing!

And then on the way to my last lesson of my six session intensive, I was on my scooter halfway between my home and MOVE Therapies… And I noticed I didn’t have my glove on! I haven’t done that in years! In fact, generally after my shower – it is the first thing I put back on!

Not only had I completely forgotten to put it back on, it wasn’t cold! At all! It was exactly as it was before the Strokes!

I have decided to take a few more private lessons later in the month and then in October I am going to start in the chair group class… I am so looking forward to more improvements and more freedom from pain!”

Claire Marty, Osoyoos, BC

Back Pain – Leg Pain

“I think the thing that surprises me the most is how much I’ve LEARNED at Move Therapies – about how EASY movement can still be….at ANY age (I’m 84 years young!)

I came to Move Therapies seeking pain relief for my lower back (spinal surgeries) and arthritis pain in my hand, knees and upper back.

I began a 10 Session Intensive over two weeks and immediately noticed a huge reduction in my arthritic pain from very severe crippling pain to mild!

I continued into the group lessons, which is typically something I wouldn’t do, but thrilled that I did! I find it very social, it’s a great group of people, and Leanne is loads of fun as a teacher!) As I continue my learning I’m noticing my EVERYDAY functional movement has now become so much easier as well! Driving to Kelowna would’ve wiped me out for days afterward, to the point where I was starting to make decisions not to go. Last week I drove to Kelowna and back in one afternoon… It was so easy and I experienced zero fatigue!

I’m also able to do more things at home for myself – EG: lifting heavy boxes on to a top shelf of my closet! Typically I would have called a staff member at Mariposa where I live to help me, but I just somehow KNEW that I could do it myself! Not only could I do it, but it was very easy and I felt so accomplished and I now feel my prospects have changed with my independence moving forward!

I have also learned things I CAN DO to HELP MYSELF when and if pain or mobility issues arise, which is something I didn’t acquire before.

Thank you Leanne and Dale at Move Therapies! Onward and Upward!

Marlene West, Osoyoos, BC

Knee Surgery

“After nearly losing my leg below the knee – due to lack of blood flow for over 13 hrs (mishap happened during a knee replacement surgery)…I am now getting the use of my leg and foot back and learning how to walk normally again! I am not completely out of the woods yet, but the clearing is NOW in sight! I am now able to wiggle my toes after 2 1/2 months of not being able to do so. I am going to move onto the MOVE Therapies Group Chair lessons next to help the process going!!! Thank you Leanne!!”

Bob A , Osoyoos, BC

Hip Replacement

“I had a total hip replacement August 21, 2018. When I saw Leanne the 1st time in the beginning of November I still had a little bit of pain on my hip and my knee on my other leg was really swollen and very painful. I was walking crooked and with a cane. After my 4th treatment I woke up the next day without pain! That was an amazing experience! Now I’m walking normal and without a cane. I learned to soften my whole body, to let go, it’s wonderful and I will keep doing the movements in the Group Classes long distance – on Livestream . Thank you so much Leanne!

Maggie Odermatt, Sylvan Lake, AB

Aggressive Arthritis

“Shortly after my arrival in Osoyoos, I attended a talk by Leanne Scott, ABM Practitioner, on ABM and Chronic Pain Management. Having had 4 joint replacements, and dealing with an aggressive degenerative arthritis, I am thoughtful in exploring strategies to address pain, particularly ones that are drug-free. Her talk on ABM, coupled with her own life experience, resonated. I witnessed a congruence between what she spoke and what she lived.

ABM is core to her own life, and it is clearly beyond being her ‘job’ alone, it is more of a passion, something she believes in and lives. I was also intrigued by the notion that the brain, through the spinal column, had access to all parts of the body, including those parts currently compromised. After some deliberation, I decided to give ABM a try, and I booked a 5 day Intensive, in spite of some lingering

These doubts crumbled within my first session with Leanne. What struck me immediately was that, once in ‘treatment mode’, her capacity to focus, tune, attend to & amp; respond to my body, was transformative. First, it was as though she was engaging aspects of my body in a manner never before done, almost becoming an instrument in the process itself. Her knowledge was clearly evident, as too, her openness to respond. I felt that she gave my body both a presence and a voice.

Leanne provided immediate feedback after each session, which helped me to integrate the experience. Over the course of the week, the pain was noticeably minimized, I was walking better, and I was sleeping well, which has been a huge problem for a number of years. I was privileged to be invited to join one of her group sessions for the next 6 weeks, which greatly enhanced my whole experience and progress. I hope to return next winter, for both an intensive and group experience. Thanks Leanne!”

Sheila Arges, Thunder Bay, OT.

Late Onset Muscular Dystrophy

“I was diagnosed with a hereditary late onset muscular dystrophy when I was 40. I truly believed that I would follow my Dad’s progression with this condition, which would mean that between age 70-75, my mobility would diminish drastically. I hoped that by taking good care of myself, I could prolong my mobility a few more years.
I have done Intensive Sessions with Leanne Scott of MOVE Therapies and have been a regular at her Group Classes for over a year.

I just had my yearly visit with my Neurologist in Kelowna. He confirmed that there have been no changes in my neurological condition in the past year! That is very good news and quite surprising as well…as this condition is Progressive – so no change is BIG news! Since attending ABM movement therapy sessions, I now have hope and I truly believe that I have control over my mobility because my brain is transforming the way I move. Thanks Leanne! I am so appreciative of everything you do and am so thankful that you came into my life when you did!!”

Denise Lawson – June 2018

Fibromyalgic Pain

“Before Leanne Scott of MOVE Therapies and her work with ABM Therapy, I lived with 6 1/2 years of extreme pain – NO day off. Living with intense pain deep inside the muscles and joints – with obvious swelling. Hundreds of trips to doctors with no relief and many medications prescribed. With all of this came severe depression, PTSD and anxiety.

I could not drive, walk without walker; some days I had to sit and push myself around on the walker. I went very few places…mostly just to Doctor appts. My husband had do to majority of housework/laundry and shopping. I barely existed.
After my first treatment, my anxiety, depression and PTSD completely disappeared. Gone. I know this sounds ridiculous, but it is true. I couldn’t believe it, but true.

After the rest of the 10 lesson Intensive, I now can walk unassisted, I am driving myself once again….And I never thought this was possible! I have very little pain – none on my right side and any pain on my left side is what I would consider “light aches” and on occasion.

I know am continuing with Leanne’s Group Classes – for maintenance and further learning. I feel that these group classes keep any new pain at bay. I have my life again. I had lost all hope. I used to pray not to awaken for another day of hell….Now I look forward to everything!

(Also, I am weaning myself off my medication and feel like I don’t need it.)
I felt like I was 1 million miles from Home and now I feel like I am 5 miles from home and will make it there!

Some say I ‘got my life back.” They are wrong, I had NO life. At 59 years of age, I don’t know what I want to be, but I am unlimited in the possibilities!

I want to thank Leanne Scott of MOVE Therapies. I am so grateful for the journey this therapy (ABM) has lead her on, for without her amazing son Callum, she wouldn’t have started learning this therapy and I would not be healing.”

Yvonne LaBounty – Rock Creek, BC.

Muscle Degeneration
Inclusion Body Mytosis

“I just wanted to say how thankful for all of the good work you are doing with my dad. I can see how much his posture has changed and though he isn’t without his niggles from his Inclusion Body Myositis he is holding himself better, walking better and with more awareness and strength! He even managed the trip to Vancouver for my cousins wedding! (His first time leaving the Okanagan for over 2 years) I truly don’t believe he could have done this when we first came to see you a few months ago…so thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

Jordana Andrews, Daughter of Bruce Andrews

Myotonic Dystropy

“It has been almost a month now, since my adult son who was diagnosed with Myotonic Dystropy 15 years ago, has taken part in a 10 day Intensive treatment with Leanne. We were totally impressed with the ABM treatments he received. Leanne is such a caring and compassionate person, and Jason felt so at ease with her, while totally falling in love with her! 🙂 After about the 5th lesson, we started to see some positive changes in his condition. He was starting to move more freely, his chest was opening up, and was starting to lift his legs easier and walking with less of a shuffle. Now that he is back home, for about 3 weeks now, friends and family are still noticing positive changes in him. And Jason himself says he still feels a difference in his symptoms. He will be continuing ABM therapy in an ongoing basis, because this treatment is by far the best thing that has ever happened to him! We are excited to see the progress and can’t wait to see what ongoing treatments will do for him. And as for Leanne, we feel blessed to have met her. This woman truly has a gift inside of her, and is full of knowledge that we were able to take back home with us till his next session coming up in a couple months. Thanks Leanne for everything. You have blessed my son with a new hope and a chance at a normal life.”

Judy (Mom) and Jason (son) Lessard; Sherwood Park, AB

Chronic Pain and Fatigue

“To Leanne Scott at MOVE Therapies, with gratitude. I am writing this in September 2018 to try to describe how, (since first starting to work with Leanne in April of this year,) my life is changed from black to glowing white!

I am no longer depressed, anxious, exhausted or forlorn. With Leanne‘s guidance I have learned to resolve a great many of my pain issues. Chronic pain and chronic fatigue had, over a period of 30 years, steadily invaded my life. My ability to socialize as much as I would like to, and in addition travel beyond my immediate neighbourhood, were always very difficult.

In May, after an eight lesson intensive, the shift began and my pain began to drastically dissipate. I then joined Leanne‘s group class, that run twice a week…. and it was then I began to notice a huge change in my vitality and my zest for life returned!

Much of the therapy I have engaged in the past, has focused mainly on my muscles. This therapy adds another system within our body, the Skeleton System. And it was with addition of the movement of the skeleton, along side the movement of the muscular system, that helped me greatly and eased most of my chronic pain quickly. Go figure!

I still walk every day and do gentle yoga, things that had been crucial to me “keeping going“ in the past, but since learning this therapy I now move virtually effortlessly and my every day movements are much less painful.

I know enjoy my time with other people and have been traveling, no longer relying on my husband to make all the arrangements. I am happy in the present and can envision a future where I will continue to experience pleasure and also to cope with life‘s challenges.

Also, on a great sidenote, we laugh a lot in Leanne‘s classes! How great to experience joy on a regular basis!

Vivian Calder, Osoyoos, BC.

Herniated Disc & Whiplash

UPDATE 3 – Augh 2020 Katharina’s Testimonial 

“Since attending regular Group MOVE Therapy Group Classes, I can now move my body in ways I couldn’t do 30 years ago when I was 23, I am much more flexible now. Never mind I had back surgery 24 years ago, herniated discs and 2 whip lashes in between. I can sleep in any position whereas for years I could only sleep on my left side in fetal position. The amount of freedom that I have achieved through ABM is incredible.
I also notice that during a recent difficult time with high anxiety I was able to breathe normally.

Previously my chest would tighten and I would have pain in there and restricted breathing, my shoulders would be up to my ears. None of that happened my breathing remained normal and during the latest lesson with Leanne I had a deep release in the chest with deep breaths.

 Update 1 – Testimonial 2017
“After only 3 private sessions I noticed the following improvements in my body:
– I drove to Penticton (as I do every Monday for work) and had Zero pain during and after diving and nothing even later in the evening! First time ever!
– Doing Yoga was like being in a different body! I had huge increased flexibility especially in forward bending poses which
usually are challenging. I have much less restriction in mid and lower back area. I also notice how my body moves differently when walking, I can feel everything moving – even my ribs.

– Also I have much less soreness in hip joints after walking and also after sleeping.
I am looking forward to my next sessions and further improvement in mobility and less pain!”

Katharina Riedener – Osoyoos, BC.

Torn Quad From Pelvis

Leanne J Scott is a Certified Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement® Practitioner, a professional dancer/choreographer & Mother to Callum Tate, a little boy with Special Needs, who is the absolute joy of her life.

After realizing that her son was going to need extra help and support, Leanne became a full time ‘reseacher’ for any treatment that might be of some help to her son.

Through a friend of a friend (often how these things happen) she was introduced to The Anat Baniel Method (ABM), and was especially intrigued. The whole methodology of working from where the child IS, in terms of development, instead of regulated milestones, made so much sense to her.
After taking her son to see fellow ABM Practitioner Dan Ouellette in Saskatoon, SK and then to see Anat Baniel and her team, in San Rafael, CA, she knew that this method was the best option for her son and his development. Visit the Anat Baniel Method site for more information about NeuroMovement.

Not long afterward, her and her huband Dale decided that she would begin the intensive Practitioner Training Program and become an ABM Practitioner – Specializing in both children and adults! Throughout her training, Leanne soon came to realize that this wasn’t just the method that she would use on her son, but something that would also help her tremendously.

After a very serious dance injury in her young adulthood (which involved a nine month hospital stay and being wheelchair bound for almost 2 years) it was apparent that Leanne may have serious issues with long term movement health. After many years (into her early 40’s) she was still experiencing cronic pain & limitation in her everyday life. But soon after starting the ABM training, these pains & the limitations started to disappear…for the first time since the injury! She learned HOW to move more efficiently ‘with’ the injuries, thus experiencing less pain and she even began to acquire more movements, that she had previously thought impossible. Shockingly, she can now do things in her late 40’s that she couldn’t do as a teenager and she knows it will only get better!

Leanne Scott – Osoyoos, BC

Brain Tumour

“On March 8 2016, I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour. I had A 10 hour surgery to remove it followed by a second surgery to put a shunt in the front of my brain. After the surgeries, I had intense issues with swallowing and my balance was completely off due to vision issues on my right side. I started to see Leanne 5 weeks post surgery for ABM therapy and was amazed by the results; that these subtle movements can truly have a profound impact on the body.
After my first (short) session I was extremely tired. I went home and slept for 7 hrs! Then at supper that evening, I realized I was able to swallow almost normally! All I can say is with each following session, I had huge improvements with both my balance and swallowing. I’m very grateful that I met this wonderful practitioner. She is amazing at what she does.
ABM helped me with my healing journey and no words can describe my gratitude.”

Shelly Evers – Regina, SK.

Shattered Kneecap, Broken Wrist – Recovering From Past Injuries

“I am happy to report how much I have enjoyed and benefited from ABM treatments given by Leanne Scott at Move Therapies! For several years I have been dealing with the aftermath of a shattered kneecap, a medial knee ligament injury and a broken wrist.

Leanne’s gentle treatments have eased my discomfort/decreased mobility so that I can move freely and even return to washing floors on my hands and knees—if I want to!

My sleep has also improved and I find it easier to maintain a positive outlook.

I have a better understanding of how movement affects the brain and how I can help myself improve in all aspects of my life.
Leanne is a very caring, knowledgeable practitioner to work with. I have recommended this method to friends and relatives who have ALSO benefited greatly.

With my sincere appreciation…See you at the next Group Chair Class!!”

Vera – Retired, Osoyoos

Maintain Flexibility

“I’m interested in keeping my back healthy and increasing my flexibility. Even though ABM movements seem slight (and even imagined at times) the results with my flexibility seem amazing to me. The “mind/body” connection is truly a wonder! Leanne with her attention to detail and specific hints for each participant make for an interesting and safe class. Her passion for this work and her enthusiasm is motivating!”

Laureen Bunney – Regina, SK.

“Leanne is a very warm and engaged ABM practitioner. I am usually quite stiff in my movements and found after both the Individual and Group lessons, that I felt much more fluid, coordinated and I moved with ease and without pain, for the first time in recent memory. I felt more in tune with what my body was doing!”

Laura Steadman – Regina, SK.

“ABM is fascinating! Leanne Scott taught my mind to be aware of my body, to be present in the moment and in the movement of my body.”

Kristina Potter de Garcia – Regina, SK.

Testimonials For Children With Special Needs

Autism – 12 Year Old Boy

“I am a mother of 4; one of my children is diagnosed on the Autism spectrum (ASD) and also labeled ADHD & DCD (development coordination disorder) and OCD.

My 12 year old son started to see Leanne last year, but just a day here and a day there. Although he really enjoyed his time with her, and she taught ME a lot, I did not have the luxury of seeing a huge benefit at that time. It wasn’t until I took Leanne‘s advice and booked my son for a one-week intensive, (meaning 5, 1 hour sessions, 5 days in a row) That we saw a massive improvement / difference!

During and after the one week intensive, he was more vocal, he was actually offering more information than just his usual one word answers, he was more affectionate toward myself and his younger sisters, and he was more involved in family activities. He had a calmness that I haven’t seen in a very long time.

I was so incredibly happy to see these behaviour changes in him, that I decided to do a second one week intensive following immediately after the first one. I feel that this definitely established and solidified what was learned in the first week, and In the second week he was able to be more aware of his self regulation. Although his repetitive behaviours have not completely seized, he is able to be more self-aware, and the occurrences are less frequent. These may seem minuscule to the average parent, but having a child with ASD can be a real struggle and even the smallest advances are huge milestones and miracles in our world. We have booked our third set of lessons with Leanne Scott and I am excited and proud to tell everybody what wonderful work she and her partner Dale are doing for our community. I strongly encourage anyone struggling with chronic pain or any disorders of any source to give ABM / MOVE Therapies a try. I myself have enjoyed a few lessons and will continue in group sessions to help with my fibromyalgia/chronic pain issues.”

Cheryl Das, Mother, Osoyoos, BC

Cerebral Palsy

“I am a mother of 2 children, my son who is 4 has a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. Being as open minded as possible to all therapies for my son, and after reading Anat Baniel’s book “Kids Beyond Limits, “ we booked in with Leanne, an Anat Baniel Movement (ABM) Practitioner at MOVE Therapies in Osoyoos, BC. We did the 3 day Intensive (2 lessons a day, 30-45mins each).

He had lots of fun and was very responsive to Leanne (he often has anxiety with new people and places) and the way he let her move him around…it was amazing! (I won’t lie, at his age he has a strong will and if it’s not fun, there is no way he’s cooperating, but he was very willing with her!)

After this last intensive he has been moving very differently; the way he uses his hands more effectively, the way he tilts his head back to drink from a cup. His movements are more fluid and not so stiff. His movements just seem so much easier for him now! Also his speech has improved so much!!!

All of this will help him become even more independent – looking forward into the future.

Being a special needs parent is a huge job: what therapies? what equipment? The list goes on…but if there’s one thing I would suggest, its ABM Therapies with Leanne at MOVE Therapies! Non invasive, educational and fun for the kids!

Candice Hartmann, Mother, Kelowna, BC

Cerebral Palsy 2

“Our ABM intensive at Move Therapies in beautiful Osoyoos was a great way to get therapy for our son and a holiday away from home. They were very accommodating on the dates and times to work around our son’s schedule. We were even more lucky to be able to pair the intensive with with a third ABM therapist, Jen Stewart of Mindfullmoves, who was in town during our stay.
They provided info about hotel where to stay at discounted rates for a one-bedroom suite with a heated indoor pool (Best Western), and linked us to horse riding therapy in Oliver (EZ Acres). Leanne and Dale of Move Therapies even offered to set us up with a babysitter so we could go out for dinner one night. They are great therapists and our son loved them. And Osoyoos is just breathtaking, at any moment of the year. We will go back that is FOR SURE. Thanks guys, can’t wait to go back.”

Geneviève from Vancouver