We Are Open During COVID-19

Helping You MOVE Smarter so you can live more fulfilling life.

Covid-19 Protocol

We will be using the following protocols for Private lessons:

  • Masks/Shields MUST be worn by both the Practitioner AND the client
  • There will be hospital grade hand sanitizer available in the lobby AND the different therapy rooms.
  • We will be asking all clients to arrive just a few minutes before their set appointment times, and either WAIT IN THE CAR OR OUTSIDE the clinic so that the cross over between client appointments will be at a minimum – with no direct contact. A Practitioner will come and get you.
  • We will be giving strict 45-minute lessons – thus there will be ample time for the client to exit the clinic, the therapy space, props and table to be thoroughly disinfected, and for the next client to enter.
  • In the unlikely event that your appointment coincides with another client – please know that your therapy space will be more than 15 metres from the other therapy space, with a closed door in between.

    All of this is based on guidelines from the province

GROUP Lessons will stay the same – as during COIVD – 19. ALL GROUP CLASSES WILL REMAIN being OFFERED ONLINE/ ZOOM CALL. If we were thinking of taking the Group Classes, but were unsure if you could attend the classes at the set times….Please know that ALL the Classes are NOW BEING RECORDED and AVAILABLE TO ALL that sign up! So, even if YOU are still quarantined – you can keep up with your mobility and have fun with others!!