New Clients FAQ

New Client Information FAQ

NOTE: If you haven’t talked with us please give us a shout (250 535 1199) or email: so we can better assist you with booking your first appointments.

1) Appointment forms

Please download and print the appropriate form. If you cannot print the form then please come to the first appointment 10-15 min early and you can fill out the form at our office. 


Kids (Neurodiverse) Form PDF
Adult & Neurotypical Kids Form PDF

2) How To Prepare For Your First Appointment

  • Please wear comfortable clothes, NO JEANS, or anything with a button/zipper at the waist. Make sure you have a pair of clean socks in your bag. We do need a pair of socks to do certain movements so the foot will slide on the table, and as the weather warms… most folks aren’t wearing socks.
  • Also, as gentle/subtle and pain-free as these lessons are – they can be quite tiring. So sleep as much as you can! Yes, that does mean you are allowed to nap! Most people, even ones who aren’t sleeping well at the time due to pain or illness, find that they need to at least lie down to rest – even without sleep….we highly recommend this 🙂
  • We also ask that you don’t participate in other therapies or excessive exercise activities during the weeks of your MOVE Therapies Intensive. Any questions about this we can discuss in your appointments.
    • Something as simple as an hour swim class – can really tire the body/brain out and instead of LEARNING in your lesson – you end up just going through the motions – and that just isn’t money well spent. Also, there can be some contradictions between our work and other lessons…so it can be confusing for the brain! Lastly, if you do receive pain relief or gain mobility – you won’t know whether it was our therapy or a combination of everything you did and you don’t want to HAVE to do everything for the rest of your life! 😉
  • We also recommend good nutrition as much as possible throughout the lessons….feed that body and brain! 🙂

3) Payment & What Does A Session Cost?

  • Each session is $115 CAN for a 45 min session with Leanne and $110 for Dale (Taxes are included).  The initial appointment is $130 for 1 hour which includes going through your intake form as well as a hands on session. So if you booked 6 lessons – your total is ~$700. 
  • Payments options are: cash, cheque, PayPal, e-transfer, visa or mastercard.
  • All cheques made out to CLD MOVE Therapies.
  • E-transfer to

4) If you are sick

  • We want to make sure our clinic and our approach are as safe as possible for everyone so if you are feeling sick prior to your appointment please let us know. We have a lot of clients that can get sick quite easily and we want to prevent the spread of illness.
  • Masks/Shields ARE OPTIONAL
  • There will be hospital-grade hand sanitizer available

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