Chronic Pain

How MOVE Therapies Helps To Relieve Pain

Are you among the millions of people who suffer from, back, neck, joint, muscle, or nerve pain?

Are you wondering how to effectively get relief in your neck, shoulders, back, or joints?

Have you tried different exercises or therapies and are still suffering?

At MOVE Therapies we harness the power of neuroplasticity to help teach your brain new ways to move your body, which in our experience has helped many of our clients reduce chronic pain in their back, neck, joints, and muscles up to 90%.

Many of our clients have reported that they have reduced their pain medications considerably, and many are returning to activities they once thought they would have to give up forever. 

Testimonial from Marlene who had suffered from mild to crippling, back, knee, and arthritic pain for years before working with MOVE Therapies. 

Why Am I Suffering From Pain? 

Most pain is caused by long-standing, poor movement and posture habits.  The exciting good news is that with the lessons from MOVE Therapies, new patterns, that are truer to how the human body is built to move, help the brain very rapidly begins creating new, pain free solutions.

So if it is faulty movement patterns that cause pain, then it is common sense that it is better-organized movement patterns that can get rid of pain. (This is true even when the pain began as a result of an accident, abrupt trauma, surgery, or illness.)

Let your brain heal you with this scientifically based and pain free therapy.  And see yourself become stronger, more flexible and organized to once again move with ease and elegance.

Here are more testimonials from our clients – directly related to pain reduction.

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