MOVE Therapies Vacation

MOVE Therapies Vacation!!!

Are you a family with a special needs child? Or an adult with neurological issues or chronic pain?

Are you looking to go on a relaxing vacation AND receive ABM Therapy for yourself or a family member with the utmost ease? Look no further than MOVE Therapies Vacations.

Leanne & Dale are Parents FIRST – to a wonderful little boy named Callum – who has complex Special Needs, so they know what you need to make a vacation a REAL vacation for you

Firstly, at MOVE Therapies, you have access to Leanne and Dale, both certified ABM Practitioners in 1 facility…so that’s 2 different sets of hands on you during 1 wonderful family vacation! We have found that the TEAM approach can be incredibly potent in terms of rate of change. 

Secondly, we KNOW what you need in order to make travel easier and user friendly – as we have similar needs with Callum and we wish we had this opportunity when we first started taking Callum to his ABM lessons long distance. (and if you have other needs we haven’t thought of – we are MORE than Happy to help you make these arrangements!)

Here is what a MOVE Therapies Vacation can be for you & your family!! 



We have MOVE Therapies rates in many hotels in town. So not only do you get a special discounted rate for your stay… but the rooms that you can book would all be considered Suites.

By that, we mean that the bedroom (which has two queen-sized beds inside) has a door that shuts between the bedroom and the living space. So your little one can have a nap in between lessons (or go to bed early in the evening) so you can close the door and you and the rest of your family can continue your vacation in the living room that is separate and won’t wake your child! 


There is also a full kitchen, with a full-size stove, fridge, etc. So if your little one is not comfortable going to restaurants, you have the ability to make full home-cooked meals right within your suite! (Please contact us for details of the different hotels that have MOVE Therapies rates in Osoyoos… We’re more than happy to send you that information!)

Because Osoyoos is a small town…it’s serene & quiet and it’s very easy to get around! Everything is in walking distance (2-15 min.) There is ample parking and many special-needs parking spots at all the town’s locations, and one directly outside the door of MOVE Therapies!

If you happen to be flying into Penticton, the nearest airport to Osoyoos, the airport itself is extremely small and quiet. Which is marvellous for any little kiddos that might be dealing with sensory issues.) And if you need to rent a car? The car rental desks are 15 feet away from where you pick up your luggage! So no long & noisy transport buses or rails to the Rent-A-Car places! And then it is only a short 40 minute (beautiful scenery) drive to Osoyoos from the airport!

All the grocery stores, restaurants, and liquor stores are all within two minutes of our clinic. And most are right along the walk from the hotels with the MOVE Therapies rates. So the convenience of that for a special-needs family is brilliant!

There are stunning beaches outside many of the hotels in Osoyoos and a gorgeous family-friendly beach right outside our clinic.  So if you want to stay near the clinic in between lessons throughout the day…you can go down and have a picnic or a swim (in Canada’s warmest lake!) – right outside our clinic!

Alternatively, if you have typical children that want fun throughout their day (while their sibling is getting their ABM lessons,) they can simply stay at the beach with another guardian for the whole day – while their sibling(s) travel back-and-forth from the beach to lessons! Makes for a fun day for the WHOLE family!

Osoyoos even has a Mobi Mat on this beach for Accessibility from your car, across the sand to the water – for wheelchair users!

Speaking of Accessibility…Osoyoos also has a local playground with a beautiful Accessible swing (with tire ground coverage) for your little ones to use at one of its main playgrounds! And the recent good news is… another swing is being added to the other local playground – so soon there will be two Accessible swings right in Osoyoos for special needs kiddos!

And if you are out and about around town, and you need to have a private change room area for your little one, the Sonora Centre in Osoyoos (which is our community centre) has an adult-sized change table within a private Accessible washroom for community use!

And lastly, from an Accessibility standpoint, Move Therapies of course has an Accessible wheelchair entrance and plenty of room for changes if need be. 

And we thought of some other things as well!

If the parents want a night out to go to one of the fabulous wineries, restaurants or orchards in the area… We have special-needs babysitters that you can contract to come in and babysit for you and your little ones.

There is just SO much to do in this little town! Please see the list below for “MOVE Therapies Area FAQ Sheet“ with hyperlinks and travel times!

It’s a beautiful, stunning location…(just Google Osoyoos, BC, and stare at the gorgeous scenery!)

It’s a wonderful vacation spot for both your Neurodiverse and Neurotypical children and we very much hope to see you soon!

Feel free to watch the video above to hear about all this information and more!

Hope to see you soon!! 

Leanne, Dale & Callum xox 

Our Clinic In Osoyoos, BC
(Canada’s Warmest Destination)

Our clinic is located in Osoyoos, BC, which is located 4.5 hours outside of Vancouver or 1.5 hours south of Kelowna and a 50 min BEAUTIFUL & RELAXING drive from Penticton Airport.

The town of Osoyoos is walk-friendly and is jam-packed with beauty and plenty of amenities, such as wine tours, golfing, spas, quality and locally grown fruits, as well as skiing, snowboarding and other winter-time activities in the off-season at Baldy ski resort just 45 min from Osoyoos. All of this is situated next to the warmest lake in Canada! Below are details and links to some of the services located near our clinic.

MOVE Therapies Area FAQ Sheet

All times listed are from MOVE Therapies Clinic

Map & Info of Area


Places to Stay (ask for Move Therapies Rates)


  • Pharmasave AND Shoppers (30 sec walk)
  • AG Foods (3 min walk)
  • Bonnie Dunes Health Supplies (5 min walk)
  • First Choice Health Foods (5 min walk)
  • Osoyoos Liquor Store (4 min walk)
  • The Owl Off-sale (30 sec walk)
  • Buy-Low (20 min walk)

Fun stuff!

Restaurants – just a sampling (all within a 3 min walk of Move Therapies Clinic – all wheel chair accessible)

Vineyards (all within 25 min drive of Osoyoos)

Other items of Interest

Nearby Towns

  • Oroville, USA (11 min)
  • Oliver, BC (20 min drive)
  • Keremeos, BC (35 min drive)
  • Rock Creek, BC (41 min)
  • Penticton (57 min)
  • Kelowna (1.5 hrs)
  • Vancouver (4.15 hrs)

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