If you’ve ever had sciatic pain you know exactly what it feels like.

For me when I was 35, when it was at its worst, it used to be a burning pain that radiated down from my lower back through my butt to the outside of my right leg, sometimes making my foot feel tingly.

 If I didn’t get up regularly my leg would start to go a bit numb.

Some days it was gone but then other days I couldn’t even sit or lie down because it was so bad. I tried everything to keep that pain at bay.

I wanted to be rid of it FOREVER!

Some of the things I used to do to ease the pain were:

  • tried different work chairs (I was an IT guy at the time)
  • use a hard roller and roll the whole weight of my body on that right leg on my side to try and stretch or squeeze the pain out
  • Massage then Chiro on a weekly basis
  • yoga every other day
  • go to the gym 4x a week
  • I took Ibuprofen off and on which seemed to dull the pain for 3-4 hours

All these things helped for a day or two, but the sciatic never went away for long.

And some of these things were PAINFUL. Did I really need to use pain to get rid of pain?

And it seemed the more I tried, the worse it was getting. Maybe I was just getting older I thought?

But as my sciatic pain increased it became clear to me that what I was currently doing WASN’T working.

As that pain increased it started affecting my computer job, the sports I was playing, and ultimately my job as father to my special needs son.

Then at 39 my wife had started taking training to become an Anat Baniel Method practitioner. Watching her progress and listening to her talk about that method, I thought that maybe if this was working for her and her severe leg injury, it would work for me.

From listening to my wife (go figure?? 😍 ) I started doing 3 things that lead me to where I am today:

👍1) Reducing a lot of what I was doing and how intensely I was doing it.
Strength is only one skill of many to help you in life.
Slow, subtle, attention to movement –  these are just as or even more powerful than just strength.

👍👍2) I read the book “Move Into Life” by Anat Baniel

This opened me up to the idea of Neuroplasticity and using Movement to help my sciatic pain (and improving my brain)

👍👍👍3) My exercise goals became clearer as I asked myself questions:
-What did I really want to achieve by exercising?
-How much time did I want to spend achieving that?
-What was most important, looking good or feeling good? Or could I have both?

These made me realize that if my sciatic continued I probably wouldn’t be moving as well and not feeling as well, which would change my personality, would lead to me changing my job, and affect my responsibilities as a parent to a special needs child.

Living with pain changes who we are. Pain STEALS energy.🤔

Today at 45, I was walking along the beach this morning and still amazed – my right leg where my sciatic was worst 5 years ago – actually feels better than my left.

And if you have had sciatic pain – you know that walking on the sand is probably not the best thing you can do to make yourself feel better, yet today, I walk the beach EVERYDAY. AND FEEL GREAT!

Do you want to walk the beaches EVERYDAY too? And without ANY pain?

The quickest way I would recommend to anyone on how to get rid of sciatic pain are:

1) Reduce the intensity of what you are doing as I mentioned above. 
I am saying this again on purpose. Does doing just this one thing make a difference?

2) Really look at the things you are doing. Who or What is causing you pain?

3) Find an Anat Baniel Method practitioner or a Feldenkrais practitioner. Learn from my process and get results way quicker than I did. These people are skilled in assessing and helping with this debilitating problem.

So if your goal is to get rid of sciatic pain – as well as improve how you move – AND in a PAIN FREE way – then come try out Move Therapies today!

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Here is our Teachers book (ANAT BANIEL) if you are interested as well!

It helps explain what this method is about and why this method works.