After our Squatting video came out – we had A LOT of questions and thoughts from you guys on not only HOW to do the Squat….but even more thoughts on WHY while I was squatting, I talked about Squatting (or moving in general) EASILY or IN COMFORT and WHAT that actually means! 😀👍

So we thought we would do a video today discussing that more – and did we discuss!!! (At one point of the video we almost stutter and get stuck during our discussion – because the theory of MOVING IN COMFORT can be complex!) 🤔

BECAUSE quite frankly….most of us are SO USED to moving in PAIN….or at the very least….DISCOMFORT, that the thought of moving IN COMFORT is foreign to us. 😳

As a result. sometimes it’s about CHANGING OUR MINDSET about HOW to do our everyday movements EASIER (getting out of a chair, rolling in bed, getting dressed, reaching for things high up or low down, shoulder checking etc.)

CAN WE MAKE THESE MOVEMENTS EASIER by using SKILL or THOUGHT VS. Just using excessive efforts and hurting ourselves doing them…until we simply CAN’T do them anymore?!?!

Give this video a listen – tell us what you think about MOVING IN COMFORT – or even the CONCEPT of it! It’s worth thinking about!😀👍

Here is the original Squat Blog (The toe video and original Squat Thought Videos are here too):

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