Throughout our lives what we carry, wear, and how our living and working spaces are organized all have an influence on us and how we feel. Not just in terms of how they make us feel from owning them, like how a nice shirt or dress can make us happy, but also how they can change our bodies and potentially how they may negatively affect us.

Below are three Tips & Tricks videos where we discuss the things we carry with us, the things we wear, and our environment – all in hopes to get you thinking about these things and how you can make small changes that may have a big and positive impact in your life.

Fat Hamburger Wallet and
Kitchen Sink Purse:)

The Things we Carry

In Part 1 of our Tips and Tricks video we discuss the things we wear or carry around with us and how do they influence our bodies and how we move.

Try putting your purse on a scale and notice how heavy it is. Notice what shoulder you carry it on, does that shoulder feel different from your other shoulder? Are there things that you can get rid out of it so its not sooo heavy? Where do you carry your wallet? Do the things in your pockets affect how you sit?

Bras, Belts, and Heels
Sounds like a country song!

What are the things we wear or carry around with us and how do they influence our bodies and how we move part DEUX of our Tips and Tricks videos!

What things do you wear and how do they make you feel? Namely, what things do you tear off at the end of the day???:)
When you take your bra off – how does it feel with it on and without it on? How tight is your belt? How do your shoes make you feel?

Cutting Veggies, Our Kitchen and Living Space!

In this video we talk about how our environment influences us in Part Trois of our Tips and Tricks Videos.

How setup is your kitchen and workspace for ease of use? Where do you place all of your kitchen appliances and pots and pans? Can they be setup differently?

What things do you do when preparing food? Can you cut your food in an easier way? Maybe sharpen the knives a bit more or place the cutting tray in a better location. Feel if you get annoyed doing certain tasks and why is that? Is it because your body is telling you its uncomfortable to do?

LOVE or HATE your gadgets?

Lets face it, tech gadgets are here to stay, just like TV’s were when they arrived in the late 70’s. At that time the worry was how much time we spent watching them.

With todays devices, the same problems exists AND we have more devices to contend with. As well these gadgets are being sold to “improve” our lives. Have you had to divorce some of your devices or remove APPS so you could improve your Health?   This video asks you to think of how these devices affect your life and what changes you can make to use your gadgets better.

Is there more that I can do?

One big takeaway from all of this is to FEEL and NOTICE how the things in your life affects you and from there see if you can make small changes to improve your life.

These are just some of the things (in addition to moving better) that we uncover at Move Therapies. If you are interested in learning more about this approach or if if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us or book your free 15 min phone call today!

Good luck – Dale and Leanne